I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

59 /   Britney Spears   random favorite:   Cute Outifts



I’ll never understand people who don’t drink alcohol

Maybe they know what alcohol can do to people, maybe they fear liver failure, maybe they had a family member or friend that died from an alcohol related accident, maybe they don’t feel the need or desire to drink, it’s really not that hard to comprehend.

58 /   Britney Spears   random favorite:   Cute Outifts

So, tell me. What made the Queen go all ice crazy?

t h i s    i s n ’ t    m y    m a g i c.
someone else did this
                                     oh, and we’re supposed to trust you?


 benjamin buttoney is real y’all


This button wants to fly.